1. Dear Piece Hero the more I see you the more I love you the u tube sent to me is fantastic it shows me how fair you are ,you see both sides with open heart and suggest meaningful solutions well done Miko Peled and I wish you all the good things in life your faithfully Mahmoud Al Farekh Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2014 22:30:12 +0000 To: reem6116@hotmail.com

  2. What tool is there to make it happen?who can force them to stop?I see all these sanctions placed on Russia,why isn’t it the same for these murderers. So glad there are many courageous people like you who find it abominable,but the so called leaders of countries who should be doing something aren’t ? I saw you on Abbey Martins program also RT ,do you ever get the chance to broadcast nation wide on the American TV, I feel the TV is monitored?,I am British,living in France & have been shocked to see how poorly, miserly the BBC has been covering these horrendous crimes.Three letters went out to the PM, to the deputy PM for not firing a member of his cabinet as asked, because he spoke in favour of Gaza, plus the BBC. You are doing a super job,by freeing people like me to speak out, I admire you, & thank you Miss Lesley Deacon

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  3. The problem is , people are stupid. How many times have the US lied to the world, I have lost count, but the idiots carry on believing them The same in the middle east. What ever happens, Palestinians can not win. Israel claims to want peace, but continues to build more and more on Palestinian land, pushing over a million people into a small piece of land. The most incredible part of all of this, is the fact that Israel came about through the use of terrorism, there is no argument about this, it is historic fact.

  4. Dear Miko, so sad it is indeed to hear you travelling around bashing in are name are beloved homeland. you acts and words are purely racist and motivated by increasing hatred you have so long grown inside you. It might seem harsh to take those words back, but you still got the chance to make a difference. come back home.

  5. Bravo Miko and Michael, the thruth will allways prevail, but we are so few that understand what’s going on, look at the next response “Mate” ….Israel acts like that because they know the US is unconditionally behind them,. We live in a stupid world, look what is happening in Ucraine, the US leading Europe, UK, (Nato) like sheeps to third world war, just because of a gut hatred feeling against Russians. A Cia cover operation overthrows a legitimate government in Ucraine, next day Obama gives his total support and warns Russia, following week chief of CIA goes to praise the good job, asshole Kerry follows and Mac Cain the warmonger ask for help to poor Ucraine and and calls for us and Nato tropos and economic sanctions… Did they cry for palestinian children getting killed ? did the imposed sanctions against Israel ? we are sure getting closer to WW III. Incredible what we have to watch these days. I do not like ISIS or Al Qaeda at all and the UN should do something against them, but wonder why so much hatred against the US ?? why they do not hate Brasil, Argentina or Finland ?? just think.!!

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